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Our Mission

Southwest LatinX, home of the LatinXplorers, is a nonprofit organization in El Paso, Texas. We focus on providing local LatinX youth with curated workshops, after-school programs, conferences, and community engagement efforts geared toward empowering their self-worth/self-esteem and cultural identity while enhancing their educational experience. We envision a prosperous future where more LatinXs comprise a larger percentage of lucrative industries and higher education.

Southwest LatinX empowers the local youth in El Paso, Texas through education, technology, media, and community engagement. As a nonprofit organization, Southwest LatinX offers young Latinx the opportunities to demonstrate their capabilities in achieving success. We operate as a nondiscriminatory organization regardless of gender identity, disabilities, religions, and nationalities.

Our Vision

Our organization operates in the El Paso, Texas/Ciudad Juárez borderplex. Much of our community's youth disproportionally face social and economic challenges while also experiencing educational setbacks including unstable housing, poverty levels, language barriers, and mental health issues. Additionally, they can experience drug abuse, teen pregnancy, and school abandonment as adolescents.

Southwest LatinX believes that empowerment and enrichment are essential to addressing the critical state of our community's LatinX youth. By empowering them, strengthening their confidence, and helping them navigate their inquisitiveness, we do our part in building a solid foundation for their future.

How We Do This

Mediate STEAM-related curriculums and professionals with multiple participants while exposing them to different careers, preparing them for higher education and, ultimately, the workforce.

Provide creative outlets, enabling self-expression, cultural identity, and voice discovery.

Encourage continuous school enrollment and participation.

Connect participants with positive role models and mentors.

Positively reinforce confidence and self-esteem.

Connect participants with media and access to tools in technology.

Promote leadership development, goal setting, and community service among LatinX community.

Our Team



I have 21 years of experience in the broadcasting industry. I started my career as an aspiring reporter and gradually found that my true passion was in marketing, development and advertising. My greatest accomplishments are to be a part of the growth of many businesses. I have interactive media, newspaper, radio, digital, mobile, social media and television experience. I have worked with businesses on a national, regional and local level. I have worked and developed numerous interactive media campaigns for local businesses. I have revamped creative, and media strategies for some of the most successful businesses in the El Paso and the Las Cruces area.




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